Welcome back party

After a long Christmas break we come back with the first party in 2015 at La Suerte Dance School.

SATURDAY 24.01.2015
START: 7pm

Music by DJ ARO: salsa, timba, bachata, a bit of kizomba, cha cha cha, son, cubaton - MUSIC DIFFERENT, THAN ANYWHERE ELSE (but you know that) :)

No theme this time, but as always feel free to bring food, drinks and friends with you.

Free car park available on site.

FB LINK: https://www.facebook.com/events/674806272640389/

Classes you can join!


Beginners (Sat) - 1pm
starts 05.02.2022

Intermediate Solo (Thu) - 7.30pm

Intermediate Couples (Sun) - 7pm

Advanced Couples (Mon) - 6.30pm


Beginners Couples (Fri)  - 7pm

Intermediate Couples (Fri)  - 8pm

Advanced Couples (Fri)  - 8pm

Intermediate Couples (Mon) - 6.30pm


Reggeaton (Sun)  - 6pm

Bootylicious (Wed)  - 8.30pm

Kizomba Couples (Fri)  - 9pm

Son Cubano Couples (Mon)  - 8.30pm

Salsa con Afro (Thu)  - 8.30pm

Cuban Rumba (Sun)  - 5pm

Afro Cuban Singing and Percussion (Tue)  - 7.30pm

Body Isolation (Wed)  - 7.30pm

Body Isolation (Thu)  - 7.30pm

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Michal: 07414019111

La Suerte Dance School

92 Temperance Street,
M1 2WB, Manchester