International Dinner + traditional Cuban dances workshops



Another great day at La Suerte Dance School coming soon.

We will start the day with traditional Cuban dances workshops with Carlos and Kinga.

Later in the evening the third edition of our famous International Dinner will take place.


Start: 11am
11.00 - 11.30 - Salsa warm up
11.30 - 13.00 - Cuban cha cha cha
13.00 - 14.00 - Mambo Cubano

£15 - general admission
£10 - admission with a valid La Suerte pass.


We know this is the event everybody is waiting for :)
The plan:
1. You can find the survey in the comment to this event, where you should click the country you are from (or you wish you are from). We want to organize people in national groups, that you can agree, what you are cooking / preparing. Please add yourself to the correct group.
2. The main focus this time are DRINKS!!! Make sure, that every group will bring some traditional drink from your country. Not necessarily alcoholic (lol... really?) :)
3. As long as you are bringing something the event entry is FREE. Otherwise it's £8
4. We will provide cups, plates, napkins etc.
5. Everybody is welcome for this event - dancers, non dancers - everybody

Start: 7pm
8pm - The beginning of food consumption - make sure you come early to try everything
8pm - midnight - dancing, eating, chatting, enjoying yourself :P

Only the best music during the party (as always) :P

Classes you can join!


Beginners (Sat) - 1pm
starts 05.02.2022

Intermediate Solo (Thu) - 7.30pm

Intermediate Couples (Sun) - 7pm

Advanced Couples (Mon) - 6.30pm


Beginners Couples (Fri)  - 7pm

Intermediate Couples (Fri)  - 8pm

Advanced Couples (Fri)  - 8pm

Intermediate Couples (Mon) - 6.30pm


Reggeaton (Sun)  - 6pm

Bootylicious (Wed)  - 8.30pm

Kizomba Couples (Fri)  - 9pm

Son Cubano Couples (Mon)  - 8.30pm

Salsa con Afro (Thu)  - 8.30pm

Cuban Rumba (Sun)  - 5pm

Afro Cuban Singing and Percussion (Tue)  - 7.30pm

Body Isolation (Wed)  - 7.30pm

Body Isolation (Thu)  - 7.30pm

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