De Nuevo Con La Timbala - Manchester Jazz Festival 2011

The concert began with Eleggua; it was a great introduction to the evening by the Afro-Cuban band.

Yambu followed, with a performance by Cesare and Nadia; the dancing was very good and the story they told worked well. The continued with a guaguancó repertoire; once again this was performed well and maintained a good theme.


Ceasre won first prize at the 20 Guaguancó Festival, Barcelona 2011, which the Crazy Salsa Manchester gang attended. He repeated the Columbia performance from the festival. Cesare is a very entertaining dancer and it was good to see his show again.

A collaboration of La Timbala with a jazz accompaniment followed; the song was composed by the saxophone player. It actually sounded like a Cuban Christmas song! This tune will definitely be played during the Christmas period by the Crazy Salsa Manchester crew; watch this website for some salsa dancing in random places to this song!

After the interval, there was Mozambique music, Cuban carnival music. This involved, once again, collaboration between La Timbala and the jazz band. The crowd certainly enjoyed this and the audience were up and dancing!

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