Salsa competition, Sierra Maestra concert and MORE!

1. 18th February - Manchester Universities Dance Competition 2012. Part of the event will be open salsa competition. Doesn't matter if you are student or not, doesn't matter what is your dance level. You should join it! 
We will do some bachata show. More info: 



2. 8th March - Sierra Maestra concert at Band on the wall. One of the greatest son bands ever. We've seen them already and it is worth to go. More info: 


3. Every Wednesday Cuban Salsa Classes at International Society:

7pm - beginners level 2

8pm - beginners NEW GROUP!

Price: £5 /class or £15/1 level (4 classes)


4. Cuba Cafe - Bachata Classes - every Friday

8.15 - beginners

9.15 - advanced 

Price: £5 /class, £3 with NUS


5. 18th February - Mancuban party "The Republic of salsa", more info:



6. Understanding of salsa music by Sesame street

New year salsa classes

I hope you have charged your bateries during this looooong break. We did and with a lot of energy we start new salsa season. 

New year's resolution - I will dance MORE!

We open new season coming back to Sacret Trinity Church

Chapel Street, Salford, M3 5DW.

Beginners Class - 7pm

Advanced Class - 8.15pm


Other classes:

International Society classes will restart Wednesday 1st February and will continue every Wednesday:

7pm - Continuation for last year students.

8pm - New beginners class. 



Cuba Cafe will restart 1st February as well. Our first bachata class will take place Friday 3rd

8.15 - Bachata beginners

9.15 - Bachata advanced 


This year we are going to introduce few intresting activities. There will be new reggeaton class, you can join our dance group, we are going to few Salsa Fesivals around Europe as well. More information to follow. 

Come and join us at classes around Manchester and learn how to dance salsa and bachata with salsa manchester.

Many updates, info about parties and new classes at our fb page: www.facebook.com/salsamanchester

The last salsa class this year

Tonight we meet 7pm at International Society.

It will be our last salsa class this year. We come back after new year. Visit our website soon. Many, many classes, parties, events and workshops after new year.

We organize groups for Cuba mi Salsa in Budapest and Festival Cubano in Bielsko-Biala. Contact us for more details.

Cuba Cafe Christmas Salsa Party

Becouse of Christmas Party there is no bachata class this week @ Cuba Cafe. 
During a party we will do small bachata show, so come to see us this Friday! 

Contact Cuba Cafe: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more details and tickets.

Monday salsa classes

Every Monday

La Suerte Dance School

Unit 5, Chancel Place, M1 2WB

6.00pm - Belly Dancing with Jenny - new 10 weeks course starts 28.01.2013

7.00pm - Bachata Sensual - New Course starts 21.01.2013

8.00pm - Cuban Salsa Advanced Class - Open Level

9.00pm - Reggeaton - Open Class

Open Level means that you can join the class on any Monday.

Class lasts for 55 minutes.

How much?

  • £20 / 4 classes
  • £15 / 4 classes (students)
  • Other options available (CHECK HERE)

If you are bored with dancing bachata like everybody else, bachata sensual is the class to join. We focus a lot on improvising with our bodies, when we lead and follow. It is a very challenging and extremly enjoyable class.

In cuban salsa advanced classes we will teach you not only routines in a couple but also how to understand cuban music, cuban body movements, elements of son cubano, rumba and more.

Reggeaton is now the most popular dance in Cuba. We can call it cuban hip hop. It is a mix of Hip Hop, R&B and cuban, latin flavours. Come and check us :)

Salsa and Bachata classes this week

This week schedule:


Salsa at International Society

7.00 - Group A - 2 classes so far

8.15 - Group B - 1 class so far (you can still join this group!) 


There is NO BACHATA class at Cuba Cafe this friday (11th Nov). We go to Havana en Belgrado festival. Going back on Monday, so next week classes go as usual.

Important info

This wednesday there is NO CLASS at International Society becouse of reading week.

We meet next week 9th November - as usual. 

If you are in Manchester you can come to Cuba Cafe, both Tuesday and Wednesday. We will be there and after 9pm we will arrange social dancing / practise sesion. If you want to practise moves from previous classes - join us. 

Till 9pm Mo is doing his regular classes.

Friday bachata as always - 8.15 -beginners, 9.15 - advanced.


We added a new section to our website - VIDEOS. We will post there all the videos we record - moves from salsa and bachata classes, our crazy dancing in wierd places, movies from festivals and events we attend and more. Stay tuned :)

Salsa on Curry Mile - Manchester :)

Cuban salsa beginners level 1

Another chance for students to begin your salsa classes. This time we come to you. We meet at Trinity House Community Resource Centre - between Rusholme and Fallowfield :)

Learn how to shine on the dance floor, impress your firends at the party with fancy moves, gain confidence and abilty to move sexy :)


Starts Tuesday 25th of October 7pm

Then every Tuesday 7pm

Class lasts for 55 minutes. Come on time.


Trinity House Community Resource Centre
Grove Close, off Platt Lane
M14 5AA

How much?

First class is FREE. Come and check us out!

Then for a 4 week pass (one level):

  • £20 - Normal Pass
  • £15 - Student Pass

  • £36 - Normal Couple Pass

Or pay as you go: £6/class

Do I have to book?

No, but you do it on your own risk :) Email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., send your name and date of this course. Room will handle a limited number of people, so you can make sure there will be space for you.

What should I wear?

Anything you find comfy (shoes!) :)