La Suerte ON TOUR - New Temporary Locations

As you know we are moving :(
It's not a choice, it's' a necessity. The building we are currently in is going to be knocked down.

We have found a new place close to Picadilly Station. It will be bigger and will offer new opportunities.

Unfortunately, the paperwork, dealing with the agency and City council takes forever and we will be not able to move there when we have to leave the current building.

Because of that, we have arranged temporary locations for our classes. We have tried to keep the timetable as close as possible to the current one, but there will be small changes and some NEW CLASSES! :)

Saturday party will be suspended for some time (we will have a Friday social though), so make sure you will be there for the LAST TWO HOUSE PARTIES at the current location :)

We are counting on your support (as always)