Bachata is a dance from the Dominican Republic. It is a slower dance compared to Salsa and it is more sensual. The style we dance at La Suerte has more of a European flavour, however sometimes we do teach classes focusing on the pure Dominican style.


Beginners class: Class suitable for people, who have never danced anything before, but also for everybody, who want to learn something new and have some previous dancing experience. It’s an open class, so you can join any Friday at 8:15pm. Every class is a bit different - we are always focusing on basic moves, patterns and following and leading techniques.


Intermediate: This class requires knowledge of bachata steps and basic bachata moves. To join this class we require you to execute basic bachata moves fluently. We teach more advanced moves, techniques and musicality. The best option for students wanting to add a bit of flavour to their bachata.


Bachata Sensual/Advanced: This class requires knowledge of bachata steps and basic bachata moves. To join this class we require you to execute basic bachata moves fluently.  This class focuses more on body movement applied to bachata dancing.


NEW INTENSIVE BACHATA COURSE (latin boot camp). The course designed for beginners progressing week by week. The best option for everybody, who would like to become “a hero from zero” :P Two hours in a row, part of our latin boot camp (2hrs of salsa + 2hrs of bachata on Saturday afternoons).


Dresscode: casual or sportswear.


Women's fittenss class (Belrobics)

This is a fitness class for women based on basic belly dancing moves. Our aim is to inspire confidence for women in their bodies whilst keeping fit and having fun! You don’t need to show your belly! Please wear comfortable clothes, and a shimmy belt will be provided for use in the class.


Dresscode: sportswear.


Cuban Salsa

All salsa classes at La Suerte are done in Cuban Style. As the name suggests, the dance originates from Cuba. It is a fun, dynamic dance!


Beginners Course: This course is 24 hours long and classes are two hours every week. We start at the very beginning, assuming that the student has no knowledge of dancing. We progress in every class. Students favour our classes, as the course style keeps them familiar with the moves and steps and provides a firm base to improve quickly. Join us for fun and entertaining classes!


Intermediate: To join intermediate class you will be required to dance salsa fluently (to the rhythm!). The knowledge of moves and their names is not essential. The intermediate classes are a natural continuation of our beginners course, but if you have learned salsa somewhere else feel free to try it out!


Tuesdays class is lower intermediate and focuses on partnerwork. Wednesday class is based on Rueda de Casino (Cuban wheel) - it requires the knowledge of basic rueda moves, patterns and steps. Upper Intermediate classes are on Thursdays and these classes consist of partnerwork, with more of a focus on Cuban styling for men and women.


Advanced: Class only for people feeling very comfortable with salsa, wanting to move it to the next level. This class is a mix of everything - partnerwork, styling, musicality, afro, rumba, traditional Cuban dances, son and many more.


Dresscode: casual or sportswear.


Cuban Rumba

This dance originates from Cuba. It is a playful dance with the man imitating a cockerel and the woman imitating a hen. Is is a solo dance. Without rumba, there would be no salsa. This class requires that the students have a basic knowledge of salsa or other latin dances.


During this classes we mainly focus on guaguanco and columbia genres.



Kizomba is from Angola and it is a slow, sensual dance. The music has a strong R&B influence.

Beginners: These classes assume no knowledge of dancing and fundamentals of kizomba are taught. This is a drop in class and not a course, so you can start any Wednesday.

Intermediate: This requires the completion of at least 10 of the beginners classes or equivalent at another Dance School.


Ladies Styling

This class is for women who want to improve their dancing style. Body movement and isolation are also taught in the class.



This dance originates from Panama, but the most popular artists come from Puerto Rico. Cubaton - it’s Cuban equivalent is getting more and more visible around the Europe. It is a solo dance and can be described as Cuban hip-hop. It is very good for students who want to improve their body isolation and general dancing style.


Dresscode: sportswear.